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Years ago we were surprised by the variety, quality and complexity of coffee.

The initial interest has developed into a passion for  coffee and everything that goes into a cup of good coffee.

And so we started sourcing green coffee from Panama for specialty roasters across Europe. Over the years, other origins were added, from which we, with our partner company Latorre & Dutch, select the best beans year after year We work with and buy directly from our producers, with whom we have close, longterm relationships, and who share our passion and our quality standards.

We want to share this passion with our consumers in the form of gently and freshly roasted coffee from Goldkind Coffee. 

Each coffee bean is shaped by the variety, the climate, the soil, the harvest at its ripest stage when it is deep red and full of flavor and the way it is processed - the art of roasting is to bring out these special characteristics of each bean so that you can enjoy them in the cup.


We want to invite everyone to share these extraordinary and wonderful coffees with us
and to get to know the world they come from.


We want to show our consumers how to enjoy coffee and not just drink it.


Behind every good cup of coffee is an interesting and authentic story - the story encompasses the farm and its family legend, the care taken in growing, harvesting and processing. It includes the people who touch the coffee at every single step and influence its quality. And finally roasting the coffee, where the typical taste characteristics of each coffee are emphasized. 


An environmentally and ecologically conscious approach is the only way to sustainable, high quality coffee. The producers can only make a sustainable living if they focus on quality and charge a corresponding price for it.

Only ecologically sustainable farm management can produce high-quality coffee in the long term. 


For us, direct trade means long-term relationships with our producers, and many business relationships have already turned into friendships. By trading green coffee with (, we are gaining a lot of experience on the ground. We work hand in hand with our producers and try to improve the quality of the coffee on site with our feedback from the "consumer countries". 

Through direct trade, we also want to help improve the living standards of coffee producers and everyone involved in coffee production. Due to the high quality of the coffee, high prices can be achieved in the consumer countries. After deducting our costs, the resulting added value goes back directly to the producer, who uses this to cover his living expenses and continues to invest in quality. This creates a sustainable cycle.  


The beans come directly from the farmers to your cup. That doesn't mean they don't have a long and complicated journey to get there.

Many people are involved in the production of the coffee before it ends up in your cup. We work with people who share our quality standards and our passion, producers with high quality standards, social responsibility and ecological awareness. Furthermore, through our numerous visits to the farms, we collect valuable knowledge about the differences in the cultivation of individual varieties, about preparation, drying and processing, optimal storage and logistics.

We want to give each of our customers the opportunity to get to know the coffee, the producers, the farms and all the people behind the coffee. You can find a lot of information online, like detailed descriptions of our farms. Additionally we offer workshops and presentations at our roastery, or we invite our customers to simply come with us to one of the coffee-growing countries.


Oh how nice is Panama….

...and not just because it smells so good of bananas. The title of this well-known German children's book does justice to this small country between North and South America - the country of the Panama Canal, dense jungles, lonely beaches, surfers and fishermen, the country of bananas, mangos and passion fruit - and the country of one of the best coffees in the world!

The origin of each coffee is reflected in the cup. What do we taste in Panama? Floral aromas like jasmine, hibiscus, lemon and orange blossoms, fruity notes like mango, pineapple, passion fruit, banana, sweetness like brown sugar, chocolate, roasted nuts.

Coffee was brought to Panama by European and American settlers who, after working on the construction of the Panama Canal in the early 20th century, settled in the fertile Chiriqui region around Mount Baru in northern Panama. It still grows there today on the slopes around the volcano, on fertile soil, under a canopy of dense jungle trees.

The quality of the coffee from Panama is exceptional and results from the interaction of various factors:

• Ideal environment for coffee growing with a mix of the right temperature, rich volcanic soil and adequate rainfall.

• A cultivation altitude of more than 1,600 meters, which acts like an aroma vault, allowing the beans to mature slowly so that all the aromas can develop optimally.

• Biodiversity is highly valued, the coffee grows in the middle of the jungle under a canopy of trees that, in addition to shade, also provide nutrients for the soil and a habitat for other plants and animals.

• Innovative coffee farmers who combine the experience from years of family tradition in coffee cultivation with new technologies and focus on quality instead of quantity .

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