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The Yirgacheffe region is located in southern Ethiopia, in the middle of the country. Some of the best and most exclusive coffees come from there. It is divided into six "woredas" or districts.

The coffee farmers are all smallholders and own land between 0.5 and 2 hectares. They deliver their coffee cherries to cooperatives or washing stations, which then process them.
Worka is a small area in the Gedeb district, located at 2000-2200mt above sea level. The Worka cooperative consists of around 410 small producers, most of whom grow their coffee on the slopes of Mount Rudu. The coffee trees grow in the shade of various fruit trees and are fed with specially made fertilizer, which benefits the local ecosystem and keeps the land healthy and balanced.


The coffee cherries are fermented in bags overnight. After fermentation, they are carefully removed from the sacks and dried on African (high) beds in direct sunlight. The workers rotate the cherries constantly so that they dry evenly. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the coffee to dry completely.


This coffee is characterized by its creamy and fruity notes, with strawberry standing out, almost like strawberry jam, as well as notes of tropical fruits and tutti frutti.


Yirgacheffe Worka Natural

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