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Catuai - the berry-fresh one!


This Caturra from Finca Bonita Springs is a dry-processed coffee, the profile shows fruit and sweetness, as well as flavors of blackberries, blackcurrants, dark cherries and brown sugar, and aromas of roses.


Bonita Springs is located in Alto Lino, Boquete and has been owned by the Miró family for 80 years. The farm extends over 36 hectares, with an abundance of water as its special feature - two rivers, 4 streams and two waterfalls, which positively influence the soil chemistry and the flora and fauna.


The coffee cherries are harvested by hand when they are ripe and then laid out on African beds to dry. There they are slowly dried over a period of 2-3 weeks, with constant turning, and then sorted out.


Great for a fruity afternoon filter coffee or a cappuccino that resembles a berry milkshake.


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