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Cascara - the coffee tea!


Cascara is the dried fruit of the coffee cherry and an invigorating alternative to coffee.


Since it is a product of the coffee fruit and not the bean, its taste cannot be compared with that of coffee, but rather with that of a fruit tea: you can recognize aromas of lilac and elderberry and taste rose hips, raisins, Berries, cranberries and a fine, tart sweetness.


The cascara is left over from dry processing and has traditionally been used as a fertilizer and waste product. More and more, however, their unique invigorating and refreshing qualities are being recognized and appreciated.


Cascara can be enjoyed in different ways - as a tea, as iced tea, as a cold brew, as a cold drip, as a base for a cocktail or mocktail, as a syrup in a cake, in the BBQ sauce, or as flour or finely grated in muesli, just to name a few of the uses.


Cascara is often referred to as the new superfood because of its special ingredients such as high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and sugars. These, coupled with the natural amount of caffeine, justify the designation "Natural Energy Drink" that Cascara is often given.


Furthermore, it contributes greatly to the development of coffee farms as sustainable, self-sustaining businesses, as Cascara has not really been recycled, in some cases used as fertilizer but mostly handled as a waste product, which due to the concentrated ingredients was even more expensive to dispose of (an untreated disposal the Cascara would contaminate the soil and groundwater).


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